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Heroes of all kinds carry us through the COVID-19 Pandemic, both those on the frontlines and those helping from afar. Send a CARE Package today to #ShowYouCARE.

Five Ways You Can Help

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Thank a Hero

Send an earmarked donation to CARE, and we will work with our partner organizations to provide a CARE Package Gift Mastercard® directly to the frontline workers risking their own health and safety to protect the nation’s most vulnerable people.

Send a CARE Package Gift Mastercard

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Recognize a Friend

Do you know someone working on the front lines? Send a CARE Package Gift Mastercard and a personal message of support to include them in our national effort to recognize their contribution.

Please note this option is not tax deductible.


Send a CARE Package Gift Mastercard

Send a Meal

With traditional safety nets like schools, daycare and senior centers closed, many in our communities will not be able to provide for their families and children will go hungry. Thanks to your support, CARE and our partner organizations are delivering thousands of meals to the nation’s most vulnerable communities.

Send a CARE Package Meal

Deliver Critical Supplies

The CARE Package Relief program provides work and income to individuals delivering critical goods and services to vulnerable and quarantined community members. In partnership with local food banks and other service organizations, CARE provides aid where it’s needed most while at the same time creating paying jobs for workers impacted by the crisis.

Send a CARE Package Delivery

Help a Global Community

The COVID-19 pandemic is stretching the limits of even the best prepared countries. Yet the world has barely begun to come to grips with how the outbreak threatens the world’s poorest communities. Send help to places in the greatest need.

Send a CARE Package to a global community

Are you interested in sending multiple CARE Package Gift Mastercards? Email us today, and we can help.

CARE Packages Then and Now

At the end of World War II, CARE introduced the first CARE Package® for the post-war hungry, ultimately delivering 100 million of them to families around the world.

Today’s CARE Package is a simple gift card to say thank you to the frontline workers keeping us safe as we combat the spread of COVID-19.

Today's CARE Package

About CARE

Our Mission

CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social justice.

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Our COVID-19 Response

CARE’s COVID-19 response targets more than 60 countries worldwide, including the United States. Priority actions we are taking now include providing health and hygiene kits, installing handwashing stations in public places, and providing clean water where it is scarce.

CARE COVID-19 Response Partners