Light the World with a CARE Package

Join Latter-day Saint Charities and CARE by sending CARE Packages to help those in need around the world and in the US.

Your CARE Package could be the lifeline an individual, family, or community in crisis so desperately needs.


When you send a life-changing CARE Package, you are sending hope to people who need it today. Your CARE Package will help us continue to lift children, women, and families out of poverty around the world.


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CARE Packages

$25 CARE Package

2 Chickens

Chickens and their daily eggs boost a hungry family’s nutrition and income. This CARE Package includes expert trainers help farmers become successful entrepreneurs, giving them the tools they need to grow a successful poultry business today and for years to come. 

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$35 CARE Package

Meals for Children in the US

Many in our US communities cannot provide for their families and children are going hungry. Schools, closed for the summer, are starting later than usual and re-opening for online rather than in-person instruction, leaving many children at risk. This CARE Package delivers 8 meals to hungry children.

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$50 CARE Package

Mother & Newborn Support

This CARE Package protects the life of a mother and newborn. It will be helping women actually get to the clinics, providing essentials needed for a healthy delivery and giving them a newborn support kit to help the baby thrive.

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$75 CARE Package

1 Goat

This CARE Package gives a family nourishing milk to drink. It's also a vital source of income, since extra milk can be sold at local markets. And because they're always in demand, goats are like stocks or bonds, easily traded for vital goods and other animals.

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$106 CARE Package

2 Months of Emergency Food

Whether from drought, displacement, or disaster, when food runs out, CARE provides families with lifesaving CARE Packages containing rice, protein-rich legumes, and other locally appropriate foods.

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$140 CARE Package

Lifesaving Help for Refugees

Every day, thousands of Syrians flee violence and fight for survival in what the U.N. has called the largest refugee and displacement crisis of our time. This CARE Package is a voucher that will help refugees buy desperately needed essentials like food, medical care, coats, blankets, heaters, and fuel to keep warm in cold winters. 

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$222 CARE Package

Books and Other School Supplies for 3 Girls to Return to School

Many girls who want to go to school cannot afford books and school supplies. This CARE Package provides textbooks, paper, and pens so that instead of worrying about money, three girls can focus on learning. 

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