Light the World with a CARE Package

Join Latter-day Saint Charities and CARE by sending CARE Packages to help those in need around the world and in the US.

Your CARE Package could be the lifeline an individual, family, or community in crisis so desperately needs.


When you send a life-changing CARE Package, you are sending hope to people who need it today. Your CARE Package will help us continue to lift children, women, and families out of poverty around the world.


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CARE Packages

$25 CARE Package

2 Chickens

Chickens provide a family with income from egg production.

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$50 CARE Package

New Mother & Baby Kit

Includes soap, a warm blanket, and a baby bath.

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$75 CARE Package

1 Goat

A goat helps a woman earn an income and provide nutrition for her family.

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$108 CARE Package

Handwashing Stations

Proper handwashing prevents disease and provides a sense of cleanliness and dignity.

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$164 CARE Package

Emergency Food Kits

Give two families access to nutritious, locally sourced food during an emergency.

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